Thursday, May 3, 2012

Suckin' Wind and Sunshine In...

 Write this down:
Two weeks of bedrest
is not the best preparation
for the first hike of the season.

So that when your sweet, mountain-lovin' husband
tells you it'll be good for you to get outside
and "get a little exercise"
you will know better.
Yeah, of course you'll go anyway,
but at least you'll have been warned.

A Colorado Summer is the reward
for Mother Nature's schizophrenic state of
a Colorado Winter.
There isn't another place I've ever lived
where Summer is so perfect.
Spring teases us--
we'll get up to the high 70's here,
maybe even touching 80o in April,
only to have it snow the next day.
But when the sunshine is resplendent,
it pulls everyone outside.
Even if you've been in recovery mode for two weeks
after a little surgery.
You simply have no choice
but to get out and suck it up!

 So I did.
The pictures above and below were an excuse to stop and breathe
every 10-12 feet up the inclined trail.
I took alot of "scenery" pics on the way up.
Cuz I was hating life.
It was no dang fun.
I may have even stopped on a log
and wondered if Mr W was secretly trying to kill me off
on this mountainside.

We brought the youngest yahoos and their friends
and Riley, the golden retriever.
One thing they all had in common:

Every one of the yahoos were searching for the perfect stick to call their own.
There were lots to choose from, and along the way, each kid claimed a few dozen as their own. It was all about the sticks.

And Riley was very good at searching for his own sticks in the creekbed,
he even piled them in the same place.

Once I got going, I stopped sucking wind, found my pace and enjoyed the trail.

"Fetch! Riley!"

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, and tho' there was still snow in places on the trail, it was nice in the sun.
Mr W and I planted ourselves on the mountainside and let the yahoos play for over an hour...watching them enjoy these moments where they can just run around and be kids is something we value. 
Playing in the mountains, with nothing but blue skies above--
I can't imagine life getting better than this.

The yahoos found some logs and built a little bridge over the kept them busy for a long time and they so enjoyed doing that.
Kids are natural "builders", ya know?
I did not suck wind on the way down...
I was relaxed and grateful.
It was good for me,
just like Mr W said it would be.
Oh, life is good.


  1. Life IS good. Especially in those mountains of yours!


  2. Colorado springs sound like Idaho springs. I wonder if you guys have all the wind that accompanies spring as well. If not, you're missing out! :P

    Look at you be all active and outdoorsy! Good for you! I need to drag my kids (and husband) out and about into the mountains.

    Love the scenery pics!

  3. I think the part about the sticks especially made me happy; reminded me of my own childhood. Sticks. Love it.

    A place where summers are such paradise? Sounds fabulous. There's always a trade-off, isn't there?

    Hope you're recovering well!

  4. It's so beautiful there. But do you have problems with ticks?

    Of course about the sticks. Always!

  5. Your photos very much remind me of our frequent "spring time" hikes in the snow up to Horse Tail falls above Alpine . . . you've inspired me to "get a move on!" :D


  6. @Sarah: we've lived here for over a decade and I've never seen a tick on the kids or the dogs. So I don't think we do.

  7. Hi Momza!
    your response to me was so welcoming..For some reason, you have been on my mind of I would just say an extra little prayer for you..Yes. I am and have been busy..
    but am making a dent in the problems.. I have no set specific time to be out.YET! once the stuff is all packed and moved into the garage.. the painters can start.. they require 4 days to do both inside and out.. then the movers can load the stuff..guess we'll camp in sleeping bags that nite..and head east the next morning.. Sis is flying out toassist me with the driving..with the 3 felines..gonna be a fun trip!
    i truly am missing Colorado already.. that is why I am out with the camera every chance i get!
    Okay Momza.. gotta get up and get busy.. thank God for Blogging friends,, at least WE will still be in contact..and whenever you need a respite.. you'll have a Florida destination address other than DI$NEY!
    hugs and smiles..


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