Saturday, January 7, 2012

What Is Menu Sharing?

Menu Sharing was introduced into my life last September
and I am loving it!
A new gal moved into our ward and brought this amazing plan with her!
At first, it was just 3 of us
and then we invited one more sister from church to join us
and there's been no looking back!

One of the things that makes this easy is that we all live pretty close to one another--not in the same
neighborhood--but within a one mile round-trip radius.

We set up some basic guidelines:

  • Meals are delivered between 5-5:30pm. Hot food should be hot, cold food cold.
  • If you're gonna be late or miss it altogether (so far, none of us has missed)
  • then let us know ASAP so we can make a back-up meal if we need to.
  • If the meal is frozen, get it to us by 3pm.
  • Make it healthy...use lean meats, low fat cheeses, etc.
  • Your part of the meal is the main dish--bring whatever's necessary for that, ie: tacos would include lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, and tortillas. 
  • The side dishes are up to the individual to prepare for her own family. 
  • Write your name on your dishes.  
  • We have invested in lots of tupperware-ish containers to make it easy to haul and deliver.
  • Each meal is equivalent to 5 adult servings.
And that's about it, I think. We present our menus for the next month, during the last week of each month. And we decide if we want to have a "theme" week too.  So far, we've had Greek Week and Mexican week.  

Wanna see a couple of our menus?

This was September:

9/12 (Connie) Sweet & Sour Meatballs 
9/13 (Dawn) Stuffed Pork Chops
9/14 (Jen) Taco Salad 

9/19 (Connie) French Market Soup 
9/20 (Dawn) Chicken Enchiladas 
9/21 (Jen) Crock-pot tortellini 

9/26 (Connie) Chili
9/27 (Dawn) London Broil 
9/28 (Jen) Pulled pork sandwiches 

Here's January--minus Karen's (she hadn't gotten her menu to us by the time we made this list)
*the points on the end are related to Weight Watchers, which all of us are attempting)

      8 - Connie- Fettuccine Alfred with Broccoli (9pp)
> > 9 - Karen
> > 10 - Dawn - Chicken Enchiladas (3 points for being awesome!)
> > 11 - Jen - Apple braised chicken (6 pts)
> > 
> > 15 - Connie--Sweet potato sausage skillet (6pp)
> > 16 - Karen
> > 17 - Dawn - Psycho chili w/ cornbread
> > 18 - Jen - Garlic herb roasted pork loin (5 pts)
> > 
> > 22 - Connie-- African Beef Curry (5pp not including rice or optional toppings)
> > 23 - Karen 
> > 24 - Dawn - Whole Wheat Spaghetti w/ zucchini marinara sauce
> > 25 - Jen - Cuban-style Pork & Sweet potato stew (need crock pots) (7 pts)
> > 
> > 29 - Connie-- Ham and Salami Jambalaya (6pp)
> > 30 - Karen 
> > 31 - Dawn - Rotisserie Chicken w/ Italian Herb Bread
> > 1 - Jen - Orange chipotle BBQ Pork chops w/ grilled onions (5 pts)

Is your mouth watering yet?  I know, right?!  
Some of the benefits of menu sharing:
  1. I don't have to cook as often.
  2. The menu is varied and we love trying new things!
  3. It has saved me money and time.
  4. Leftovers for the weekend!
So, think about this idea. It could change your life!


  1. So, when you make a meal, you make enough for 4 families and then deliver it each day? I have a group that shares freezer meals each month. We don't live close enough to do daily meals. That would be so much nicer than cooking every night!

  2. @Nancy: I make enough for 3 other families AND my own that night and deliver it.

  3. This is an amazing idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That is super duper cool!! Great idea and the menus are definately mouth watering!!'

  5. This is a genius idea that I've done before but my kids complained that the food wasn't as good as mine so I eventually gave it up, albeit reluctantly. Glad yours is a success!

  6. My DIL's ward does this, and she LOVES it.



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