Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Plot Twist: How Far out of My Comfort Zone Are We Moving?

It started a few months ago...
this feeling that we'd be moving to the Great North West...
I told Mr. W that I just "had a feeling" we'd be moving there.

I looked at my favorite real estate site
to check out places like Portland, Corvalis, & Seattle.
And then I just tucked those thoughts and feelings
right on the back burner
because it just didn't make sense, you know,
because we love Colorado and had absolutely no contacts in the NW.

Then last week,
a recruiter contacted Mr. W about a job in the Great North West.
Mr. W casually mentioned it to me last Friday--
it perked my ears up a little. Just a little.
Because he is frequently contacted by recruiters but nothing comes of it--
nothing to tempt us to leave Colorado.
But because it was the Great North West,
it got my attention for a few minutes then you know,
LIFE grabbed my attention and I forgot about the call.

On Monday, Mr. W gave a phone interview and it went so well,
the recruiter said he's going to recommend Mr W for the job.
It's a layered hiring process and while it's still early,
and we still have 2 more stages to go through--
I recalled that "feeling" I had months ago
and had a mixed reaction:
"Wow. Is this really happening?! That'd be so cool. Let's go!"
"Wow. Is this really happening?! I'm not ready!"

I was so distracted yesterday, it was impossible to focus on anything else
but researching Seattle and the areas near the Puget Sound.
Can I just say I've always had a fascination with the Puget Sound?
I've never been there, but man, it is so interesting to me.
The mountains, the ocean and lakes, the green landscapes--
all of it in one place is very enchanting to me.
Or at least the "idea" of it.

Checking out school districts first,
then mapquesting how far we could live comfortably from the
Seattle temple--
because Mr. W will want to work there too,
checking out the "What To Do" stuff,
and the home prices.
Well, my heart stopped when I found a sweet house that backed to a lake.
I mean, who wouldn't wanna live there?

In talking to our Saudi kids,
Dani said they'd been looking at that area to live and work in
once their assignment is over.
So that'd mean we'd live by grandkids eventually!
In my loft study,  I was completely sold on the idea!
Heck yeah. We'll go!

Then I drove around our little area of the world here in Colorado.
How can I possibly leave Pikes Peak?
Everyone knows I am co-dependent upon my beloved Pikes Peak.
I look over there at those snow-capped peaks a zillion times a day.
Where would I look for direction and comfort if I lived faraway in Washington?
I know of the Cascades, but man, they look so so far away from town,
and here, we sit at the foot of the Rockies.

And yes, I AM all about the Adventure of LIFE--
travelling, exploring, tasting it all--
but ACK!  Am I ready for this?

We told the Yahoos...
the older ones are totally cool with it.
We mapped out the distance between Boise & the Seattle area we're looking at,
and mapped out the distance between Rexburg and said area too.
But we hit a wall with the Caboose.
No way. No how.
She says, "I'm not leaving. I'll stay here with my friends. I'll work with Susan (my painting partner),
and be self-sufficient."
She's nearly 14 (this Friday) and is finally happy with friends, etc.
I told her we'll cross that bridge should we come to it.
As in, there is no freaking way we'd leave her behind--
but the dilemma is not even at issue yet
seeing that there has been no job offer.

All of this is both exciting and unsettling.
I wonder to myself if the "feelings" I had months ago
are rooted in Inspiration--
like when I knew we would be moving to Idaho in 2004.
Or just Not.
As we go through this process,
it feels like we are unfolding many-layers of tissue paper,
waiting to see what will become of it.

Our prayers are simple:
If this is our new direction, help us feel certain about it.
We only want what's best for the family.

And that's it.
Talk about Comfort Zones!
I totally asked for this, didn't I?!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's Comfortable out of the Comfort Zone

So I heard back from Listen To Your Mother-Boulder.
It's a gracious "not this time".

I am totally OK with their answer.
No really.
It was such a cool thing to audition in the first place--
something I haven't done in decades--for anything--
and it helped me think about other ways
to get out of my comfort zone n' try new things.

For instance, 
I got a new phone last night.
Its got all the bells and whistles on it,
some bells and whistles I may never use,
and some I will need to learn how to use.

I also made the floral arrangement above--
my way of thinking about Spring flowers
even though we have several inches of snow 
and only 14o yesterday.

My 2015 list of things I wanna learn includes:
a tile backsplash
& knitting.

Better get on it, eh?
It's March already!

What's on your list?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Friends of Scouting Breakfast--Outside His Comfort Zone

At 6am this morning:

Wearing his new Men's L scout shirt,
because you know, 
all 6'4" of him doesn't fit in his Men's M shirt anymore.
We didn't take all the badges off his old one,
not yet anyway.

He was invited to speak to a room full of Boy Scout leaders, sponsors,
and potential sponsors of the BSA.
Was he nervous?
Uh yeah.
He's not a polished public speaker.
In fact, this was his first time speaking to any group,
in his life.
So you know, he had to think it was worth it.

It was fancy shmancy too:
   His name in print:

 On stage, my crummy focus wouldn't work, but this is just proof he did it!

  What did share?  
His most favorite Scouting activity:  
a 3 day trek across the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.
In his words, "Backpacking is my life!"

Here's to many more jaunts outside his comfort zone!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Building a {Snow} Man

We're in the thick of our awesome Colorado Winter.
Most days look alot like this on our street
and I haveta say, even if I might not be in the majority
I love this season.
White snow is a great equalizer--
every thing looks clean and peaceful
with a winter coat over it.
And the truth is,
this season will be over before we know it.

This young man of mine is his own season right now--
15-going-on-16 this year
and all of six foot four inches tall;
we're buying his size 14 shoes online these days.
He doesn't realize it but this season isn't going to last either.
This season where he's not sure why his mom and dad are persistent
in encouraging him to develop good habits,
habit that will carry him successfully in life.
 He is in that rare season of "between boyhood and manhood"--
somedays he isn't sure which season he even wants to be in.
His natural talents are developing and coming into a matured focus--
like building his own ski bike last week.
Building "contraptions" since he was 4 years old,
he spends alot of time in the garage
disassembling and assembling all kinds of things.
He seeks guidance from his dad sometimes,
but mostly he says, 
"I can do it myself."

We spend alot of time--
"Hey, come sit here for a second"
because the kind of "building"  
he needs along the way to Manhood
takes deliberation and purpose.
And let me just say,
it's a concerted effort to fill his mind and heart
as much effort as it is to
completely fuel his growing body!
Holy Smokes! this boy/man can eat--
a bowl of cereal and a egg sandwich before school,
two school lunches or a whole pizza at school,
chased by what he terms "a snack" aka a Jimmy John's sandwich 
(delivered to our garage last Saturday!)
and maybe a hamburger right before dinner,
then you know, actual dinner!
Followed by a "bednight snack" (his term)
around 8pm.
We're building a man,
and men need fuel, dontcha know?!

This snow-packed street will melt
and those sleeping branches will be buds of green
welcoming Spring,
a new season of growth in our life.
One of many seasons yet to come
for our Snow Man,
our young man, Joseph.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What do I Know About Motherhood Anyway?

Waking up before the sun this morning,
I had one thought on my mind:
the audition for Listen To Your Mother show...
11:15am in Boulder.

I had picked the essay I wrote,
tweaked it,
practiced it with my awesome speech-class winner, Nana,
quite a few times last night
but this morning found me re-writing, re-tweaking,
re-anything-ing it
until I started talking myself OUT of going altogether.

What do I know about Motherhood anyway?

Kent asked me how I was going to introduce myself:

"Hi, I'm Dawn. The Momza of seven. Gramma to 4.
My yahoos are the best people on the planet, although
they've made me poor, fat and paranoid."

The first two adjectives are evident. lol The "paranoid" fits so perfectly
because I never know what's going to happen next, thanks to my yahoos.

What do I know about Motherhood?

I've been a mother longer than I haven't been a mother
on this earth.
And that is a long freaking time, people.

I know not to wear silk anymore. Ever.
Or anything that has to be Dry Cleaned Only.
I know to skip the cookie aisle altogether when I have a
cartfull of toddlers,
as well as bribing "The Toy Aisle" as a reward
if they're good while I get the actual groceries I went there for.

I know that teenagers need as much sleep as toddlers,
even when they say they don't,
and the Mom gets the final say on "bed time"--
which saves everyone's sanity--especially Mom's.

I know enough to say "YES" when I mean "YES"
and "No" when "yes" isn't the right or the easy answer.

I can spot a hairy-faker across a room
or across a phone line.
I am not afraid to "fact-check"
sketchy information: "No, Mom, I have no homework."
sketchy friends: "His Mom said we could..[fill in the blank]."
sketchy-anything..."Don't worry Mom, I got this."

I know a real stomach-ache from an "I-have-a-test-this-morning-stomach-ache".
Real tears vs. crocodile tears...pshht. Don't even.
A sincere, "I'm sorry" vs. a "I'll-say-I'm-sorry-so-I-can-get-out-of-this-situation-sorry".

Having a rotten day with a 12 year old?
Keep them home from school and have them work alongside you all day--
doing laundry, grocery shopping, making beds, scrubbing the bathtub...
before you know it,
you're talking to each other without restraint,
laughing and loving again.
Totally works.

Having a rotten day with a 17 year old?
Getting the silent treatment?
Pull them aside, cup their faces in your hands and say:

The words, "I'm sorry." are under-rated, under-used
and some of the most powerful words in the human language.

I know enough to Stand Firm when it involves morals and safety
and when to bend when it doesn't.

I know when to say, "I don't know. Let's find out."
And when to say, "That's not my dog."

Where to hide cookies and christmas gifts, and chocolate for rainy days!

I know to stay up when the teenagers are hoping I'll go to bed early,
so they aren't caught cheating their curfew.

I know that laughter really can keep things in perspective
when things get out of whack and tensions are high.
And common sense is better than most "senses" when it comes to
teaching or correcting my charges...once emotions get involved,
it gets kinda messy.  And nobody likes messy.

I know that Motherhood is a gift from our Creator,
to be His partner in raising children to adulthood
is the greatest calling and privilege afforded us
in this Life.
And He is the truest, most gracious partner one could ask for,
because He understands better than I do,
what's at stake here.
That's what I know.
So far.

Whew. I love being a Mother.

That's why I went to Boulder this morning.
Nana & Jud went with me and got to sit in on the audition
with the producers...
I was pretty nervous, not gonna lie.
But I did it.
I left my comfort zone and shared my truth,
front and center.
And now,
we wait.
Cast will be revealed on Wednesday.