Monday, June 29, 2015

To The Fullest: Why Same-Sex "Marriage" Isn't What It Looks Like

On my facebook newsfeed.
On bumper stickers.
On the nightly news.
On the White House of my United States of America.

Same-Sex Marriage is legal in the land of my birth.
So much emotion around this one. single. issue.
So hot and so cold at the extremes.

I, like so many others, look at this issue with confusion--
on one hand,
the issue is not my issue--
I'm not homosexual
noone in my family is homosexual.
It's not something I have had to reconcile with my faith
and yet...
I have felt my own faith threatened by those who do identify themselves
as homosexuals
or align their beliefs with those who do--
calling me a "bigot", a "hypocrite", among other things
for not supporting them.
It's hard to support something I have nothing at risk in.
Let me just say, quoting Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennett
when asked why she didn't bristle at the thought of her younger sisters' dating
while she was yet unmarried:
"That hardly encourages sisterly affection."

The Facebook feeds I do watch?
My friends who are mothers of homosexual children.
Oddly, their newsfeeds are not lit up with rainbows...
but of pictures living their lives and loving their families.
Their silence is noted.
Their message delivered.
Life goes on.

What is at stake for me?
Do I care how others identify themselves based on their sexual preferences?

I have pondered this from a societal and religious viewpoint.

And this is where I am today:

I believe that marriage is a divine institution of God
between a man and a woman
to bring to His children a fullness of divine potential.

That alone is enough for me;
it meets my expectations of Life.
I am a Woman who is also a Wife and Mother.
My belief and innate feelings of who I am
coupled with my innate desire to have Heavenly Father
in the center of my Life,
not on the sidelines,
not in the shadows,
but at the core of who I am
and who I'm trying to become--
those beliefs and the faith I ascribe to,
gives me Peace.
My Faith provides a light on a path to follow,
as well as boundaries that protect my choice.
Boundaries that some may feel exclude or limit me in life.
I accept those boundaries as part of my chosen path.
Being a heterosexual woman,
I choose the life that will give me the fullest measure of my creation.

My heart looks upon those who choose same-sex attraction
and all the baggage that comes with that choice--
and I feel compassion.
Every one deserves to feel loved.
Every one.
We are all His Children.
We are all in need of the healing power of love.
We, the walking wounded, through the corridors of mortal life--
only hope for survival through the expressions of Love.
Those who choose to follow their feelings of homosexuality
are not ignorant to the limits their choice hands them.
They surely have counted the costs
and decided the exchange a fair one for their needs.
Homosexuality does not require a complimentarity for a union.
It doesn't ask to be Co-Creator of Life.
It is SO Simple.
Homosexuality is in the most basic category of life.
There is no "fullest"life sought after--
just two people looking to weather the storms of life together.

From my point of view,
homosexuals don't want what I have--
a divinely instituted covenant between themselves and God
as I understand it, embrace it, live it.
They want, it seems, simply to be acknowledged
for their ability and desire to love someone and create a life with that love;
and not be humiliated, criticized, shunned, or cast off from society
for how they choose to have their wounds healed.

They don't want what I have-
they're using the terms society has used to describe
because there isn't a term for what they want.
Maybe they should create one?

I came across The Destiny of Humanity: On the Meaning of Marriage | Part 1 of 6 of The Humanum Series:
This fits with my personal understanding, belief system and aspirations.
It obviously doesn't support the foundations of homosexuality,
but seen for what it is, helped me to understand why Same Sex Marriage
Isn't What It Looks Like.