Friday, September 16, 2011

September Morn

See?  Told you. Yellow.  That means "FALL" in these parts.
I'm all sorts of giddy this morning.
It poured down rain alllll dayyyy longgg yesterday
and we woke up to this:

Pikes Peak covered in Snow.  Oh yeah.  
Had to pull over and take this when I drove Daisie to school.
Had to.
 I love Colorado Springs.
These kind of days just feeds my addiction to the place.

 This is the view out of the top floor of our house now.  
If only that house across the street was bulldozed over, 
we'd have an unobstructed view.
Nevermind the light. Pfft. I'd take that down too.

 My front door.  
Instead of a wreath, it's just a "Welcome"basket.  

What's cookin' today--
Rotisserie Chicken
Cucumber salad
Corn on the cob

What about your September morn?


  1. It's even cool and crispy here in Southern California, and I'm liking it. I just love the feel of fall in the air.


  2. You are so lucky to have that view. Gorgeous indeed. You have your very own rotisserie? Lucky!!! (said in my best Napolean Dynamite voice).

  3. I was expecting a little Neil Diamond on your playlist from that title!
    Football tonight, and the high was only 97, so we're excited!

  4. I love your front door basket thingy.

    I hope your new neighbors don't read your blog.
    It would be sad to know that they think you want to bulldoze their house.

    SNOW???? NO!!!!
    Right now! NO!

    Apparently you didn't have 11 months of it last year.

    I love ya anywayz.

  5. I like that you are still eating watermelon. We just had our last one, I believe. How nice you have snow on your mountains!! I can understand having to stop and take a picture. I have done that a few times myself while visiting your town.


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