Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Salt Lake Temple Wedding Pics

 The whole gang minus Dean: Tisha, David Scott, Joseph, Diana, Judson, Dara, Arianna, Dani (several mos. pg) & Isaac, and Garrett & Brad.
With the newlyweds in the middle, and Kent & I on the sides, we are flanked by "our" missionaries, 
L: Eric & Sarah R: Michael & Stacy

Back row: Sil Jennah, Cousin Abi, Fmr Mission Comp Kaitlyn, SIL Colby, FMC Taila, SIL Tisha
Front row: Dani, Ari, Dara, the Bride Diana, FMC Julia, FMC Joyce, SIL Laura

me & my girl

Thursday, November 6, 2014

We're Already Dancing!

Besides the Wedding, 
We've been busy:

Been making them alot lately.
(My apologies to actual florists.)
My friends have been bringing me stems they like,
and I'm putting them together for a modest fee.
I'd like to take a class someday and learn how to really do it,
like a Pro-fesh-on-elle.
But. Until then...I'm a WIP.

I'm also refinishing kitchen cabinets with my business partner, Susan.
It is so busy, we have to limit ourselves to TWO kitchens a month.
We are super busy!
Here is a BEFORE:

And the After:

Here are two Afters:



And did I mention I'm still staging and un-staging homes?
Yes, I am!
At one point this past August, we had 16 homes staged.
Most of those are sold now,
but we have recently staged some beauties!


We also got to see these awesome yahoos at the wedding:
David Scott & Tisha--who is due any day with their first baby!
In fact, I'm flying to Boise this weekend so I don't miss it!

Mr. Idaho and Dani & their boys + Dani is due with their 3rd in December. I'll be flying to Saudi Arabia for that birth too!

My niece, Abi, came to the wedding from upstate Georgia, to join in the fun!
Sucha a fun girl!
"Pearls are always a good idea."~ Abi
(be still my southern heart)

Diana's former missionary companions, sisters, sister-in-laws, and cousin, Abi.
We had a baby shower for Dani and Tisha at the hotel, 
the night before the wedding too!

(Abi helping make the bridesmaid bouquets)

I haveta say the wedding was so chill. 
Yes, there was lots of running around,
late nights, and all that goes with a wedding--
but seriously, the hardest part was 
packing up and saying "good-bye" to
 all of the kids who don't live here anymore.
We had the best time together!

And here's some of my Yahoos on Halloween:

Oh and we also celebrated Dean's Bday....wayyyy back in August:
He's stable right now. We see him about every other weekend. Mostly, he's quiet, but smiley.
He did not go with us to Utah for the wedding, and that was hard, but he was here for the Open House so that was good. He looked so handsome too.

I've been busy.
Sometimes it's alot to keep up with, 
but as the saying goes, 

So we're dancing!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Diana's Wedding Video by David Perry Films

Our daughter's special day captured in a uniquely beautiful way:

Formal Introduction by Mr. David Perry:

Last year I took my family on a LDS church history tour. While touring the Peter Whitmer Home near Palmyra, NY I met two sister missionaries. I had just filmed in the Sacred Grove the door before and showed them that clip on my iPhone and they started following my work.Fast forward 11 months and I'm filming Sister Johnson's wedding! Even more interesting is that Judson (Elder Stoddard) was a missionary in the same mission at the same time. It's really amazing how when we follow God, He leads us to wonderful places :).


Friday, October 3, 2014

Her Mother's Wedding Dress

We were going through some boxes in the garage
one day last summer
and she opened one that held my 1982 wedding dress.
It wasn't "preserved" either.
It wasn't neatly folded like a treasure.
It was just. there.
In the box. 

"Oh Mom! Can I? Can I try it on?"

                                                               "Uh. Yeah...Sure?"

"Mom! It fits! Oh I love it! It's just what I've been looking for!"

"Are you sure?"

"Haven't you paid attention to all the pins I've been pinning? It's exactly the style I want. Can I wear it? Is that alright?"

"Yes, of course. We'll have to get it cleaned. And altered. Just a bit. But yes, I'd love for one of my daughters to wear my wedding dress. What an honor. Thank you, Nana."

"Mom. Mom, of all the girls, I'm the one most likely to wear your dress, right? Right?"

"Yes. Yes you are."

Annie Sloan Painted Kitchen Cabinets & Other Talents:

I'm using every talent I have lately.
Or so it seems.
I can honestly say that nothing is "hidden under a bushel"
where any effort or hint of a talent I might possess
is not being exercised at this season of my life.

One of my talents is painting.
I have partnered up with a great gal, Susan,
and we're painting kitchens!

Here's some pics:
BEFORE: pickled white cabinets

AFTER: Annie Sloan Pure White on Cabinets, Graphite on Island, Primer Red on Pantry Door:
 Same Kitchen, Different View:

Different Kitchen:
(Sorry! no Befores Taken)

Annie Sloan Old Ochre w/ Dark Wax and Polyacrylic on cabinets
Graphite w/ Dark Wax on island & Beadboard:

We are working on three more kitchens starting next week.

OK so the use of my other Talent:

Floral design:
I've been making florals for friends. They buy the stems (with a little tip: thrillers, fillers and spillers), I put 'em together:

I am currently taking an online course in floral design, so I can really learn the basics!

Another Talent:
I hand-lettered a bazillion wedding invitations for a sweet couple in July.
And again this past week for my Nana's wedding.
That is two weeks from tomorrow.
My fingers are nubs at this point.

And of course, I'm still staging homes during the week too.

Oh and Mr. Wonderful now serves as an Ordinance Worker in the Denver Temple.
I go along with him and serve as a Temple Hostess (with the Mostest)...
best 6 hours of my week. My very busy week.

I pray for help and Heavenly Father sends me more opportunities to work.
And I'm grateful that I have these little talents that bless my life and others.
That's what I was telling my girls the other day--
that talents are given to us to bless our lives by binding us to others
when we express them, exercise them, use them up!