Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ten Things on Wednesday

1. School is awesome. I love going. I love my classes and my teachers. I love what I'm learning.

2. But sometimes my brain hurts because it is filled to capacity, and I have to step back and change gears.

3. Fall is here in the Rockies. Crisp mornings. Yellow leaves. Pumpkin Spice cocoa. Yum.

4. I've discovered that drawing is my stress relief.

5. I'm taking art classes next semester.  Drawing and Watercolor.

6. I am possibly more excited about that than the Interior Design classes I'm taking.

7. Six of us in the family are in college this semester.

8. My other business venture is about to start and I am Super Stoked about it!

9. I am surrounded by amazing women in my life right now--they inspire me to show my best and I love it.

10. I am mostly done with Christmas shopping.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Case of "Creativity-itis"

I have had a wild case of "Creativity-itis", and I'm not looking for a cure, people.
Many friends and family have added to this "itis" n' I love it.
So here goes:

First, I did the florals for a wedding reception with a lovely and talented friend, Laurel:

 We loved the fresh garland on the mantel...we ordered it from and added the flowers to it :

 All the table centerpeices were made from fresh florals--some from and some from a local floral supply wholesaler here in the Springs:

I'm also working on another wedding reception doing these lantern centerpieces in all shapes and sizes:

 And I did the calligraphy for the invites to the Rehearsal dinner too:

  I was also commissioned to do these three pieces for a young man we knew as a missionary here in the Springs, as a gift for his wife's birthday. Their children's names and a special scripture he'd chosen for them.  I didn't take pics of them finished, darn it, tho I was pleased with how they turned out:

Then, I started school!
I love it.
I really do.
Great teachers, great classes, all of it!
One of my Interior Design classes has a Project Notebook assignment,
and as part of the Supply List, I had to invest in decent colored pencils and markers,
so I just started doodling to create my notebook and have found that's another
thing that I so enjoy:

 Then I just started doodling things and such for my own enjoyment and relaxation:

In honor of Fall:

I've also been staging and unstaging homes but the selling season is about over which is OK for me since I started school.  And that's it for me!  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

College: It's Never Too Late!

I'm taking them.
Have I lost my ever-lovin' mind?
Possibly. Quite possibly.
Consider my arms as wide open
and my mind as welcoming this new chapter
in My Story
as Open as
as an all night market
with lights blazing at 2am!

What got me here?
At 53 years old, I have decided to try and prime the pump
in my brain and kickstart it into a new world
that I've only entered as a sidekick,
a cheerleader, a note-writer, and aloud-reader
to other students.
Putting a first husband--
a dyslexic, even
through Chiropractic college,
across the country!
Staying up late to proof his assignments
and read Grey's Anatomy outloud to him,
writing thesis and whoknowswhat papers for his degree!
And then filling out applications
for the kids
college, scholarships, FAFSA;
loading up the car and driving kids over and across
mountains tops to college towns --
it's my turn.
Mine.Mine. Mine.

I finally got the hint the Universe was sending to me
when, time and time again,
I found myself
what others around me already had--
that little paper with credentials.
Now, I do have a variety of certifications:
Bank Teller
Dental Assistant
Chiropractic Assistant
Home Stager
to name the top ones.
But not a four year degree, 
so it's just natural to want that too, right?

I've got these tiny little talents
and big dreams
that I've explored to ad exhaustum
(I don't think that's a word, but it sounds "college-y" latin and all
so I'm using it)
and this is what I've discovered:
I want more.
I want to learn more
about design
from people who eat, live and breathe design
and --
--and this is the best part--
they're going to share what they know with me.

Last Saturday, I was invited to join a new retail business venture
with some talented, lovely women--
it'll be a smashing endeavor, I know it.
at the end of the first meeting
one of the co-founders said,
quite emotionally:
"I've wanted to do this since I was seventeen years old. This is my dream!"

That lingered with me for the whole afternoon.

She was inviting others to participate in her dream.
It's not my dream.
I was invited to join because of my own little talents--
people I do not know,
know my name and my talent.

It is humbling, truly.
I just kinda keep my head down;
following my passions and accepting opportunities to express them.
And somehow, 
people have noticed.

I came home that day and said to my dear Mr. Wonderful,
"Sign me up for college."

We got the paperwork done,
I visited the school yesterday,
only to find out the Interior Design program is filled to capacity--
but the guidance counselor visited with me
and after hearing my resume,
she gave me the Department Chair's direct number and email
and said, "Call her. She'll make room for you."


Okay. So I did. I emailed and attached some pictures of projects I've done--
Staging, Painting Furniture, Kitchens, Florals, Calligraphy, Re-Designs.
Was I nervous?
uh. yeah.

Then I called the number
and boom! I'm IN!

I had to take placement tests--
hey, I haven't been to school in 36 years!
On the READING part, I scored a 96.
Sentence Composition a 106.
And Math..haha...33.
Algebra may well as be Arabic in my brain.

Anyway, I'm IN.
At 53 years old,
I am still a lifelong learner.

My family is SO stinking happy for me!
My oldest kids are proud of me
and that makes me really happy too.

SO this Fall, 8 of the 9 of us are in college!

What a life.
What. A. Life.


Monday, June 29, 2015

To The Fullest: Why Same-Sex "Marriage" Isn't What It Looks Like

On my facebook newsfeed.
On bumper stickers.
On the nightly news.
On the White House of my United States of America.

Same-Sex Marriage is legal in the land of my birth.
So much emotion around this one. single. issue.
So hot and so cold at the extremes.

I, like so many others, look at this issue with confusion--
on one hand,
the issue is not my issue--
I'm not homosexual
noone in my family is homosexual.
It's not something I have had to reconcile with my faith
and yet...
I have felt my own faith threatened by those who do identify themselves
as homosexuals
or align their beliefs with those who do--
calling me a "bigot", a "hypocrite", among other things
for not supporting them.
It's hard to support something I have nothing at risk in.
Let me just say, quoting Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennett
when asked why she didn't bristle at the thought of her younger sisters' dating
while she was yet unmarried:
"That hardly encourages sisterly affection."

The Facebook feeds I do watch?
My friends who are mothers of homosexual children.
Oddly, their newsfeeds are not lit up with rainbows...
but of pictures living their lives and loving their families.
Their silence is noted.
Their message delivered.
Life goes on.

What is at stake for me?
Do I care how others identify themselves based on their sexual preferences?

I have pondered this from a societal and religious viewpoint.

And this is where I am today:

I believe that marriage is a divine institution of God
between a man and a woman
to bring to His children a fullness of divine potential.

That alone is enough for me;
it meets my expectations of Life.
I am a Woman who is also a Wife and Mother.
My belief and innate feelings of who I am
coupled with my innate desire to have Heavenly Father
in the center of my Life,
not on the sidelines,
not in the shadows,
but at the core of who I am
and who I'm trying to become--
those beliefs and the faith I ascribe to,
gives me Peace.
My Faith provides a light on a path to follow,
as well as boundaries that protect my choice.
Boundaries that some may feel exclude or limit me in life.
I accept those boundaries as part of my chosen path.
Being a heterosexual woman,
I choose the life that will give me the fullest measure of my creation.

My heart looks upon those who choose same-sex attraction
and all the baggage that comes with that choice--
and I feel compassion.
Every one deserves to feel loved.
Every one.
We are all His Children.
We are all in need of the healing power of love.
We, the walking wounded, through the corridors of mortal life--
only hope for survival through the expressions of Love.
Those who choose to follow their feelings of homosexuality
are not ignorant to the limits their choice hands them.
They surely have counted the costs
and decided the exchange a fair one for their needs.
Homosexuality does not require a complimentarity for a union.
It doesn't ask to be Co-Creator of Life.
It is SO Simple.
Homosexuality is in the most basic category of life.
There is no "fullest"life sought after--
just two people looking to weather the storms of life together.

From my point of view,
homosexuals don't want what I have--
a divinely instituted covenant between themselves and God
as I understand it, embrace it, live it.
They want, it seems, simply to be acknowledged
for their ability and desire to love someone and create a life with that love;
and not be humiliated, criticized, shunned, or cast off from society
for how they choose to have their wounds healed.

They don't want what I have-
they're using the terms society has used to describe
because there isn't a term for what they want.
Maybe they should create one?

I came across The Destiny of Humanity: On the Meaning of Marriage | Part 1 of 6 of The Humanum Series:
This fits with my personal understanding, belief system and aspirations.
It obviously doesn't support the foundations of homosexuality,
but seen for what it is, helped me to understand why Same Sex Marriage
Isn't What It Looks Like.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Chances Are Like Opportunities

When I was a kid, 
I thought fifty years old
was old.
Like, next-to-death Old.

One's life is more than half-over by 50.
That's true.
But, like the middle of a good book
this is where the plot thickens
and there are surprises 
to keep you on your toes.

As it turns out,
there's a whole lot of exciting things
to be learned 
the closer you get to the end of your life
than previously thought!
Fifty-plus years and I am still an anxious learner.

Last Sunday was Mother's Day.
In my attempt to get insight into my impact upon
my own yahoos' lives,
I texted six of them (minus Dean)
and asked them a simple question:

"For my journal entry today, I ask asking each of you to answer one question: 
please tell me one thing you have learned form me. Just the first thing that comes to mind."

The answers that came back:

Diana: "To be brave under difficult circumstances."

David Scott: "I'll be honest, the first thing I thought of was spinach lasagna. More to the point I learned to love learning."

Arianna: "I learned to Grow The Hell Up cause you can't be shy all the time because then you won't live life to the fullest. Amen brother sister friend."

(Lots of laughter from her reference to our after thought of what our family motto should've been for 2014, according to Diana.)

Joseph: "I have learned that she doesn't want me to grow up."

Danielle: "How to TP! And be adventurous! And love someone based on their insides, not their outsides!"


You know, being a Mother to Many,
I have accepted the fact that I never know what my yahoos
might say in all situations--
but I know it's important to ASK these open-ended questions--
important for all of us.

I have to say that I love their responses.
Yes! I want them to be Seekers of Opportunities!
                                                          To be ON the Dance Floor
so they can dance!
To be willing, worthy and prepared
for chances to shine their best!

We are all building foundations in our lives
for the Life we want--
and I am amazed, even at age 5-0 +
the opportunities that continue to come to me
for the taking!
I am grateful for the chances to express my talents and interests--
they come to me more and more each day--
big things are on the horizon--
chances taken earlier have prepared the way
for these opportunities to develop.
Just as the scriptures say,
We reap what we sow.
But seriously,
you haveta be out there sowing something
for it to grow.
And that's alot of work.

I have heard it said that it takes just as much energy
to make a happy life as a unhappy life.
I don't know if that's true,
but I can say that it's really sweet when 
you see your dreams coming true.

Especially on this side of fifty.

Carry on People.