Thursday, April 9, 2015


The wait is over.
We're not leaving these Rockies just yet.
I'm okay with it.
My co-dependence upon Pikes Peak continues.

One day we'll have to part,
but for now 
the love affair goes on.

Monday, April 6, 2015

April's First Weekend

Let's just cut right to the chase, 
shall we?

First off, there's my Dean
"taking notes"
during the LDS General Conference broadcast
yesterday morning.

Showing his blank page at me,
he asked, "Spell 'God'".
"G-O-D."  I answered.
"G-O-D", he nodded.

And got busy writing that word
that feeling down on the blank page.
He sat as still as he can these days,
and really perked up when the Mormon Tabernacle sang--
he knows alot of hymns so he sings with them.
He even helped me point out a new member of the choir--
a sweet, handsome young man from our ward.

I didn't get to watch all 4 sessions of Conference,
but I can tell you that of those I got to listen to,
my favorite was a talk by Elder Kevin Pearson,
You can read a summary of it on the link.
I bet by the end of today, it will be linked to the full video though.
It really is inspiring.

Now, it was Easter yesterday.
My most favorite day.
But we didn't celebrate the traditions of Easter Eggs and dinner
because our kids from Saudi Arabia will be here next weekend
and we're going to do all of that with them.

So. Stinkin'. Excited!

This morning, 
at exactly 3:27am 
I sat on my bed,
a little bleary-eyed,
and french-braided the Caboose's hair
because she's taking a special trip today.
Meeting the Saudi kids in Orlando, Florida
for a week at Disney World!
She was a little emotional last night
about flying by herself from Denver to Orlando.
In fact, she'd never flown before.
So unlike the rest of the yahoos
who LOVE to travel away from home,
and always have--
she is my little homebody.
But Mr. Wonderful and Mr. Nana 
gave her a blessing last night
so she could sleep.
Which she says she did pretty good.
And while typing this up, 
I got a text message from Dani
saying they had her in their arms 
at the airport and all is well.

Talking about being out of Comfort Zones.
We're all branching out, aren't we?

No word yet on the new opportunity in Washington.
The interview went well and we should know something this week.
So we are still in a holding pattern on that.
But you know this, 
no matter what, 
Life Goes On.

Happy April!!

Friday, April 3, 2015


Where to start?
Well, in a matter of hours, we will know if we're moving to Washington.
Mr. W has his, what we understand, will be his final interview today.

I don't know how I feel about this.
I am on the sidelines just watching this unfold.
Ready to go.
Happy to stay.
Preparing, as best as I can,
for the outcome.

TO keep me distracted,
I've been crafting like a wild woman.
Today is the first day I haven't

Here's a look at my projects:
Painting another kitchen with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Old Ochre & dark wax:

Went to Habitat For Humanity's Restore and picked up some closet doors,
cut the bottom part off and taught Ms. Bee how to paint them;
also using Annie's Paris Grey and Provence:

And a chair we got at Goodwill for $5., done in Duck Egg:
with a little birdy decoupaged on it and freehand branch:

 To help re-do her bedroom, 
after she painted it Olympic's "Baby Bird" blue:

 We;re just about finished with her room.

I also had the chance to makeover a couple of florals for a friend and her workplace; she brought the stems and I just played with them:

Ok and I've had this project on my mind for a long stinkin' time:
Frame botanical prints and I finally got three of 12 that I want to do:

 Ok next project:
Bought these Goodwill finds,
and will be peeling them apart and reupholstering them:

 I also had time to calligraph announcements for another wedding--it was a small number, but still fun.
And last night I had the sewing machine out, to hem a friend's temple dress and while I had it out
I just whipped up this little envelope pillow case:

One hour and 40 minutes until the interview.

Hmmm. What can I do?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Plot Twist: How Far out of My Comfort Zone Are We Moving?

It started a few months ago...
this feeling that we'd be moving to the Great North West...
I told Mr. W that I just "had a feeling" we'd be moving there.

I looked at my favorite real estate site
to check out places like Portland, Corvalis, & Seattle.
And then I just tucked those thoughts and feelings
right on the back burner
because it just didn't make sense, you know,
because we love Colorado and had absolutely no contacts in the NW.

Then last week,
a recruiter contacted Mr. W about a job in the Great North West.
Mr. W casually mentioned it to me last Friday--
it perked my ears up a little. Just a little.
Because he is frequently contacted by recruiters but nothing comes of it--
nothing to tempt us to leave Colorado.
But because it was the Great North West,
it got my attention for a few minutes then you know,
LIFE grabbed my attention and I forgot about the call.

On Monday, Mr. W gave a phone interview and it went so well,
the recruiter said he's going to recommend Mr W for the job.
It's a layered hiring process and while it's still early,
and we still have 2 more stages to go through--
I recalled that "feeling" I had months ago
and had a mixed reaction:
"Wow. Is this really happening?! That'd be so cool. Let's go!"
"Wow. Is this really happening?! I'm not ready!"

I was so distracted yesterday, it was impossible to focus on anything else
but researching Seattle and the areas near the Puget Sound.
Can I just say I've always had a fascination with the Puget Sound?
I've never been there, but man, it is so interesting to me.
The mountains, the ocean and lakes, the green landscapes--
all of it in one place is very enchanting to me.
Or at least the "idea" of it.

Checking out school districts first,
then mapquesting how far we could live comfortably from the
Seattle temple--
because Mr. W will want to work there too,
checking out the "What To Do" stuff,
and the home prices.
Well, my heart stopped when I found a sweet house that backed to a lake.
I mean, who wouldn't wanna live there?

In talking to our Saudi kids,
Dani said they'd been looking at that area to live and work in
once their assignment is over.
So that'd mean we'd live by grandkids eventually!
In my loft study,  I was completely sold on the idea!
Heck yeah. We'll go!

Then I drove around our little area of the world here in Colorado.
How can I possibly leave Pikes Peak?
Everyone knows I am co-dependent upon my beloved Pikes Peak.
I look over there at those snow-capped peaks a zillion times a day.
Where would I look for direction and comfort if I lived faraway in Washington?
I know of the Cascades, but man, they look so so far away from town,
and here, we sit at the foot of the Rockies.

And yes, I AM all about the Adventure of LIFE--
travelling, exploring, tasting it all--
but ACK!  Am I ready for this?

We told the Yahoos...
the older ones are totally cool with it.
We mapped out the distance between Boise & the Seattle area we're looking at,
and mapped out the distance between Rexburg and said area too.
But we hit a wall with the Caboose.
No way. No how.
She says, "I'm not leaving. I'll stay here with my friends. I'll work with Susan (my painting partner),
and be self-sufficient."
She's nearly 14 (this Friday) and is finally happy with friends, etc.
I told her we'll cross that bridge should we come to it.
As in, there is no freaking way we'd leave her behind--
but the dilemma is not even at issue yet
seeing that there has been no job offer.

All of this is both exciting and unsettling.
I wonder to myself if the "feelings" I had months ago
are rooted in Inspiration--
like when I knew we would be moving to Idaho in 2004.
Or just Not.
As we go through this process,
it feels like we are unfolding many-layers of tissue paper,
waiting to see what will become of it.

Our prayers are simple:
If this is our new direction, help us feel certain about it.
We only want what's best for the family.

And that's it.
Talk about Comfort Zones!
I totally asked for this, didn't I?!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

It's Comfortable out of the Comfort Zone

So I heard back from Listen To Your Mother-Boulder.
It's a gracious "not this time".

I am totally OK with their answer.
No really.
It was such a cool thing to audition in the first place--
something I haven't done in decades--for anything--
and it helped me think about other ways
to get out of my comfort zone n' try new things.

For instance, 
I got a new phone last night.
Its got all the bells and whistles on it,
some bells and whistles I may never use,
and some I will need to learn how to use.

I also made the floral arrangement above--
my way of thinking about Spring flowers
even though we have several inches of snow 
and only 14o yesterday.

My 2015 list of things I wanna learn includes:
a tile backsplash
& knitting.

Better get on it, eh?
It's March already!

What's on your list?