Monday, August 17, 2009

Cactus Blooms and Trials

Did you know that cactus' bloom more prolific during droughts?

They have more blossoms on the driest years!

When we lived in Arizona,
we had a HUGE Prickly pear cactus tree in the front yard...
the white blossoms were so beautiful!

It wasn't until years later I learned why some years there were more blooms than others...the years that had the least amount of rainfall is when the cactus sends out blossoms to save itself.

I think about that sometimes and hope I am not that different under pressure.

I want to bloom under pressure.

*p.s. this was originally posted 04/09


  1. What a great analogy. I love this! In fact, I am printing it off to use later.


  2. Given what you exhibit about your faith, I'd say chances are good that you bloom under under pressure. Recognizing that God is with us in those droughts... that is what feeds the soul and produces the blossom.

  3. Gosh I should be in full bloom right now...covered in blossoms even. I'll try.

  4. I've never heard this...and now I won't forget it! What a beautiful thought. Thanks!

  5. Sounds great, I am afraid too often I wither. :-)

  6. Okay, that is so strange, because I did not write the above comment.(Not that it wouldn't at times apply)I need to find out who has access to my password and has been on my blog. I am glad I saw that.

  7. Momza, How very thoughtful. I mean it is making me think. Lessons abound in this world of ours if we would only take the time to notice. By the way I am in the Springs for a couple of days, sure hope you keep the weather nice for me, what am I saying, the weather is always nice here.

  8. This is a great analogy.. certainly something we all should read and take it to heart. I think in hard times some of us need to "blossom" more instead of "wilting" away...great post!!!

  9. @Dena: Thanks so is something that inspires me too.
    @RBS: Would love to meet up with this week!
    @Joy/Lori: If you noticed your comment was made back in April, the first time I posted this!

  10. I love seeing the cactus flowers early in the morning. Reading your posts just makes me feel good. Thanks!


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